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Greenpole Industrial & Trading Corp.

Our company, GREENPOLE INDUSTRIAL & TRADING CORPORATION, is primarily engaged in distribution of imported quality products such as drinking fountain, water dispensers,  Reverse Osmosis, Water Purifiers, Water filters, Solar heater, Ice maker and other related products, equipments and machineries relevant to water purification. It’s  been our company’s advocacy, for two (2) decades, since 1990, to promote healthy living with high quality standard products and services.
As the company develops its market, it leads us to partner with PURETEK WATER PURIFICATION INC., on March 29, 2001.  Its first products to introduced was a Water Refilling Station equipments, parts and consumable items, distiller, Ultraviolet unit/s that later on became the marketing division of GREENPOLE for its products and services.
With our vision to excellence and mission to expand our objectives we have worked together with GREENGLOBE ENVIROTECH, INC, since 2007 which focused on Environmental and Waste Water Treatment Management.  It provides equipments, facilities and services which passed the Local and International standards with newest technology in increasing efficiency in Environmental Protection.  Offering services like Turn-key services for plant design installation, testing, commission, Environmental and Waste Water consultancy, Waste Water Bio-chemical Treatment, Preventive Maintenance and other related services.


Greenpole Industrial& Trading  Corp.
#107 SMH Building 9th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Nos.: +63 2 9128259 / +63 2 9136141
Fax No.: +63 2 9127448