As part of our innovation, we are launching a new product called “Battery Savior” which is powered by Nano Active Additive Agent (NAAA) that can help you to cut your cost of buying new Lead-acid batteries. With this additive, Batteries that are supposed to be disposed can still be regenerated and strengthened above 80% of a brand new. We are referring to batteries from your forklift, ship, cellsite, golf cart, solar, truck, vehicles and etc. We can offer maintenance services for 2v (discharge type), 6v, 8v, and 12v (starting type) batteries to extend its life. “Save Energy, Save Money”.

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Greenpole Industrial & Trading Corp., together with GreenGlobe Envirotech, Inc. and Puretek Water Purification Inc., is here to make sure you only drink clean and clear water by using the best water purification products and services.